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What you Ought to know About 3M

To start with, 3M is an interesting name. To make it sound more interesting, it is a name given to a company. Once upon a time, 3M had another name. It was known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. It is a corporation that includes a number of countries. This does not deny the fact that it is an American company. Currently, the company is located in a town in the US known as Maplewood. In the month of June 1902, 3M was established. This can be equated to the survival of this company being 115 years.

This concludes that this company must be making a lot of profit to survive all these years. In fact, the number of employees hired globally to work in 3M is close to 90000. In return, the workers engages themselves fully in the various sectors to produce and make sales worth 30 billion dollars annually. But a great profit has to come from a great input. It starts from the CEO coming down all the way to the staff.

Over the years, this company has proved to be significant. Apart from that, this firm produces over 50000 products each year. Starting at the production level, products at 3M are differentiated all the way to the final product. Also, this firm does not focus on one product but a variety. They include electronic materials, car care products, wax, dental products, car shampoo, abrasives and adhesives. The success in selling these products is as a result of the efforts by this company to establish a number of distribution outlets across the world. There are also retailers who sell the above commodities to final consumers. However, a customer willing to deal directly with 3M uses the online platform.

The establishment of 3M began in 1902 with five business men at a state known as Minnesota. The major goal of this establishment was to mine corundum. Their plan hit the wall after close deliberation and even experimentation. This was because, mining corundum turned out to be non-economical. After a while, the firm moved to Duluth. In Duluth, there was extensive research on sandpaper. Thereafter, the establishers saw the need to produce and trade sand paper. By 1916, various executives joined 3M and the company stabilized.

Throughout the years, the company is proud to have improved in the sectors of research, innovations and inventions of different commodities. For instance, in 1921, the company invented a waterproof sandpaper. In the year 1947, 3M began producing perfluorooctanoic acid. Having said that 3M is a multinational company, its operation expanded to countries such as Germany, Canada and Australia. This was early in 1950. 3M qualifies to be one of the greatest firm existing the world.

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