5 Common Foods That Are Dangerous For Dogs

As a dog parent, it’s hard for us to say no to our pet whenever he asks for a bite of whatever it is that we’re eating. However, it should be any pet owner’s responsibility to know which types of food are safe or harmful for canines. Some types of food may simply upset your dog’s stomach while some may do more harm. It is highly important to know what common foods may be toxic to your pet – here is a list:


Small amounts of coffee, tea or soda won’t do much harm to your furry friend. However, if he gets hold of tea bags or a moderate amount of coffee beans that’s when you should be concerned. Caffeine can cause serious health problems in canines, even death especially in small breeds. Heart palpitations, rapid breathing, restlessness and tremors are the first signs of caffeine poisoning in dogs.


Chocolate is another favorite of ours that sadly are harmful to dogs and cats alike. It contains an ingredient similar to caffeine, methylxanthine theobromine, which is highly toxic to pets. A piece or two is safe if ingested by a dog by accident, but can cause diarrhea, hyperactivity, irregular heart beats, vomiting, seizure and even death if consumed in larger volumes (especially dark chocolate).

Grapes or raisins

While it’s ideal to feed our dogs with fruits and vegetables, remove grapes and raisins from the list – it is said to lead to acute kidney failure in dogs. It will cause abdominal pain, dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, tremors and other side effects to your furry friend.

Garlic and onion

While these two are healthy for us, unfortunately they are toxic to canines. Initially, they can cause mouth irritation and stomach problems to canines. If consumed in larger volumes, it can lead to their red blood cells rupturing. Be mindful of the table food you give your pet as most dishes contain these two seasonings.

Bread dough

While baked bread is fairly safe to feed to pets, raw bread dough is dangerous to your furry friend’s health. The dough will expand in their stomach because of the moist and warm environment which can lead to bloatedness and a twisted stomach. Dough poisoning symptoms include collapsing, distension of the stomach, vomiting and weakness.

From now on, be sure to keep these 5 foods away from the reach of your pet dog to keep them safe and healthy!